Your First Podcast – A Beginners Guide


If you like staying up to date with the latest trends in your area of interest, then you may already know what a podcast is. If you don’t this article will guide you to help you further understand what they are and how you can create your own. I’ll explain the various type of podcasts and help you decide which is best for your purpose. Then we’ll talk about ways to promote your podcast so others can get the message you want to deliver.

So, what exactly is a podcast?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people say that podcasts are just audio files that have people talking about something specific like computers, and other may say they’re like TV shows that people give out on the internet, usually for free. The truth is both of these people are right. Podcasts are either audio or visual media that you download form the internet to listen to what people have to say. It’s a great way to share niche ideas and organize your own independent media.

So, how do you start your own?

Well, it depends on what you want to share. If you’d like to have a one man show where you play music and introduce people to new flavors then all you really need is a microphone and some software to mix it. If you want to make a talk show with a couple people then you may need more than one microphone and a few friends that are dedicated and get along well. While some podcasts are video based, not all of them are so don’t worry about getting a video camera, as watching isn’t as convenient as listening. So, get your team and software, like a simple recording software such as Audacity together, start making a fun show of your own.

Now that you have your own podcast, you may wonder how people get others to listen to their podcasts. First, tell your friends and family that you’re making one and if they have an interest in it or know others that might to spread the word. This is the easiest way to get quick hits, and if you know people then they’ll give you feedback on it, which is especially important in the early stages of your podcast.

After that, you can set up a website online, and post your link to it on forums and sites where others share an interest that corresponds to your podcasts. Upload the podcast onto your site and then get people to download it. Before you know it, you’ll have a fan base and people will be sending you email with feedback and suggestions.

The best thing to keep in mind is to not give up with your podcasts. Just because one of your episodes was weak doesn’t meant that you should stop altogether. Keep recording new episodes, as many do on a weekly basis. Set up little contests for listeners with rewards to keep people attached to it. Following these steps will lead to a great podcast in no time, with a nice user base.

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