Podcasts A Great Way to Save Money on Content

 Podcasts are a great way to enjoy informative and/or educational content and with great entertainment value. There is a great variety of content that is widely available all over the Internet, especially if you are willing to do just a little bit of searching.

There so many podcasts available now, you could possibly spend your whole life listening and or watching them. The best part of all, they are free.

Podcasts got their name due to the fact that the first podcasts were available through Apple's iTunes. Many Podcast producers now not only make their shows available on iTunes but also through other providers and directly from the producer's website in common formats such as MP3.

Due to this wider availability, many people prefer to call them "webcasts." But the term podcast has become the standard name for these shows, even if the show is not from iTunes.

The sheer number and varieties of podcasts that are available now is daunting. You have everything from sports, comedy and music to health, finance, technology and everything in between. Many people still get their podcast from iTunes, which is usually the easiest place to find them.

If they don't have it, I am sure you can find a podcast on the subject you are looking for with the help of Google. Some of the podcast are video as well as audio.  Depending on what you like, you might even be able to replace your cable service.

The best thing about podcasts is not only do they have quality content, they are free. They are defiantly a great entertainment value. In a world of $60-$100 cable television bill, radio that you have to pay for (referring to satellite radio), Internet subscription movie services, and the entertainment industry trying to squeeze every penny out of you that they can in general, podcasts really are a great way to save money and depending on the podcast, get an education in the process.

You don't need an expensive phone or other type of music player to get to take advantage of the quality and value of podcasts either. You can listen to iTunes podcasts through the iTunes program that is available for both Windows and Mac. Podcasts in other formats can be listened to through most of the popular media players that are available on the Internet. I hope you come to enjoy podcast the way many people have.

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