Podcasting Made Easy

 So you want to put on a podcast but you have no idea how to do it or even where to start? Afraid it might cost a lot to get started? Well, I will show you how to make a podcast for next to nothing. You might already have everything you need.

What You Need To Get Started...

  •      a computer
  •      a microphone
  •      recording/editing software
  •      a site to host it on
  •      something interesting/entertaining to talk about

Yep, that's it. Let's get started.

Most of us already have a computer. In fact, you are probably reading this article on a computer right now and don't even know it. If you are one of the chosen few that are lucky enough to have a Mac, you most likely have a microphone already built in. Two birds, one stone.

If you don't have a Mac you will need to purchase a microphone. How much you spend on a microphone is dependent on how great you want it to sound. If you are just having fun then I wouldn't spend more than $25 on a mic. If this is something you plan to take seriously then here are some pricier options for you. When you are starting out, I would recommend something inexpensive. As your podcast starts to grow you can always upgrade.

You will need software to record and edit your podcast. Lucky for you there is a free software called Audacity that does both. It's easy to use, and did I mention free? Oh, I did? This is a fantastic tool for new podcasters. I do recommend familiarizing yourself with the controls before diving in and recording your podcast.

Podcast is done, where do you post it? If you have a website I would just upload it and host it from there. However, if you don't have a website, there are many podcasting hosting sites available. The one I use is RSS

Other Tips

Try to have a co-host, or even make it a threesome. The more people you have the less "dead air" there is. But having too many people can cause people talking over each other and get annoying quickly. I would say 2-3 people are ideal. Also pick people you have chemistry with.

Make sure you put out regular content. If you say you are going to put out a podcast every Wednesday night, then you need to put out a podcast every Wednesday night. People sometimes plan their night around you. Don't disappoint them. Meet your self imposed deadlines.

Lastly, make sure you talk about something interesting. Try to do it in an informative or entertaining way. Humor is always king, but you don't always need to be hilarious. Being informative and interesting is just as good.

Find your niche and go for it!

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