Podcast An Advanced Learning Technology

 People around the globe, especially students, teachers and the corporate are reaping the maximum benefits of the technology called podcasting. The term is derived from iPod and broadcasting. There are several educational and informative programs available on the net using this tool.

This advanced method of broadcasting music, videos and presentation practically allows anyone and everyone with basic computer knowledge to become a DJ, an instructor or even a reporter. Though it were the computer wizards who found this technology, podcasting has grabbed everyone's attention and gained popularity amongst the masses.

Types Of Podcasts

There are mainly three types of podcasts - audio, video and enhanced. The most common and popular type is the audio podcasts that basically involves MP3 downloads. Lectures and music form a part of this audio podcasting.

Enhanced podcasts include images along with the audio technology. These have chapter markers enabled that helps the user to jump to different parts of the whole file. However, the output of this source is in AAC file formats and only a few devices support this technology. Simple learning and presentation fall under this category of podcasting.

Video podcasts are simply movies, moving visuals and audio. This form of podcasting is slowly gaining popularity and is available in different formats although MPEG-4 is the latest and widely used.

Podcasting In Education

With the growing popularity of podcasting there are many advantages of this advanced technology in education. Students as well as teachers can create projects and courses to show to a broad global Internet audience. iTunes is place where you can find loads of such podcasting from people of different walks of life. The advantage of reaching a huge crowd can inspire and motivate people to create unique products and presentations. Audio recording techniques can be exploited to the core to get the best out of the program.

Here, the users don't have to tune in to channels but download them from many popular websites. The process of downloading is done with the help of an RSS feed, Really Simple Syndication that helps you transfer the file from the server to your local PC.

How to Podcast

Learning to podcast and finding the right place to podcast is a very simple process. The Internet is the best source to get detailed information on how-to podcasting. You may need a few tools to develop your own podcasts. The process of developing and hosting a podcast is very interesting and also highly beneficial in the long run.

Podcasting has four simple steps - plan, produce, publish and promote. Plan what has to be broadcasted and then the next step is to design and develop your plan in the form of music video, presentations, eLearning, etc., of your choice and don't forget to change it to the required file format that keeps your product compressed and easily downloadable. Publishing it online and promoting them through blogs or websites completes the process of podcasting.

Podcasting is an awesome way to express your ideas, projects, products, or to teach people. Podcasting is becoming more and more accessible and Internet users are becoming more accustomed to podcasting.

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