Marketing Your Podcast

 All the production value, time, and equipment in the world won't matter one bit for your podcast if you don't market it. You need to spread the word about your podcast, create a following, and basically get your podcast feed on as many sites as you can.

Marketing and promoting your podcast is easy to do. You don't need a marketing budget and you can pretty much market your podcast for free. Do the following things and you'll begin to grow an audience, create a buzz, and put your podcast on websites, and computers across the world.

Create a podcast blog - Most sites that host your podcast will also offer free podcast blogs for your latest podcasts. Make use of this blog, which is usually on or linked to your podcast's unique url. You can upload images and text along with each new podcast you post. Listeners can subscribe to your blog, leave comments about your podcast, and stay up to date on the latest.

Submit to podcast directories - In order for podcatchers to find and link to your podcast, you need to submit your podcast feeds to as many directories as possible. Many sites that host podcasts allow you to set up your link so that iTunes and other podcast sites can find and get the latest podcasts. Besides iTunes, there are thousands of podcast directories out there. It can take some time, but find the ones most relevant to your podcast and submit your feed links to as many as you can.

After initially submitting your podcast links (sometimes you'll need to submit the RSS feed link for your podcast), the directories will use their podcatchers to automatically get the latest podcasts as soon as you post them. You'll reach more listeners by putting your podcast all over the directories.

Get a website - If you have the time and ability, consider making a unique website for your podcast. Sure you can use your podcast host site's blog, but creating a unique presence on the web can help your podcast stand out and rise in the search engine results.

Consider creating a group or page on Facebook for your podcast. You can also create accounts on various other sites that match the content of your podcast.

Make it easy - Now that you have a web presence and podcatchers grabbing your shows and posting them on podcast directories and iTunes your job is done right? Not exactly. Your listeners may find you accidently or on purpose, but you want to make it as easy as possible to get them listening to your podcast.

All directories are not created equal and some may not work for certain users or may be complicated. The service you use to host your podcast should allow you to embed a simple audio player on your various web sites, do it.

Link up - Take it a step further and start talking with other podcasters and anyone involved or interested in the content on your podcast. You can trade links to post on each other's sites and blogs. The more links coming to and from your podcast means better search engine rankings and more potential listeners coming across your site. Word of mouth through trading links is a great promotional tool and before you know it people will be linking to your podcast on their own.

Consider all of these steps to take when marketing and promoting your podcast. You really don't have to spend a penny to promote your podcast and by using these ideas to promote your podcast you can grow your audience and get heard.

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