Making a Better Podcast

With the great number of podcasts available for listeners, you have a great amount of competition for listener's ears in the podcast world. You will want to do everything you can to increase the overall quality of your podcast in hopes that your overall listenership will keep growing and that your existing listeners keep coming back for more.

Having good audio quality in your podcast is really a requirement to have a successful professional podcast. Generally a microphone that came with your computer probably won't cut it. At the bare minimum you will want a decent headset from one of the major box stores.

If you want to step it up a bit, you might consider purchasing a semi-professional microphone, such as the Rode PodMic, which has been referred to as "the ultimate podcasting microphone," and can be purchased for about $100 online. As your podcast grows and you get more donations and co-hosts, you might consider getting some professional mixers and recording equipment, but the price of such grows quickly.

Having quality production in your podcast is equally important, you will want to be able to splice in an introduction and a closing clip, which is often musical in nature. It might be prudent to have some of your musically inclined friends to create a custom theme song for your podcast.

Generally it's a good idea at the beginning of your podcast to say the name and the date of the podcast for people with MP3 players so they know what they are listening to. Depending on your podcast, you might want to add additional sound effects for certain segments of your show as well. You can learn this overtime by playing with recording and editing software such as Audacity.

Of course having good overall production and audio quality won't do you a whole lot of good unless you have good content that people want to hear. A podcast about advanced differential equations would most likely not draw a huge audience, but a general math podcast might have some success with the technologically minded individuals.

You can still talk about advanced differential equations in your math podcast, but you want to have as big of a topic area as you can while still having a genre. You will definitely want talk about the latest news in the area you have chosen soon after the news comes out, usually within a day or two, or it is old news. Having an expert guest on will also add to the credibility and content of your podcast, and with modern technology you do not need to fly them into your studio, rather you can have a discussion over something like Skype where you can essentially have a free phone interview on your podcast.

Finally to improve your listernship, you will really want to do as much promotion of your podcast as you can. You will definitely want to list your podcast on all of the major podcast directories so that people can find you.

You also might consider cross promotion with another podcast of a similar genre. You and the other podcaster could make an agreement to link to each other on your websites, or mention the other podcast on your podcast. This is a great way to spread the word about your podcast.

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