A Guide to Podcasting


These days many bloggers want to get in on the podcasting craze. What is a podcast? A podcast is the distribution of multimedia content via RSS 2.0 protocol which means you can share the contents of your blog to an even broader audience of subscribers by sending your content in audio format directly to their computer or MP3 player without the use of transmitters or receivers. This allows your fans to listen to your new content at their leisure without even stopping by your site.

Q: What is PodCasting?

A: Podcasting is being able to listen to audio content from Websites that can be downloaded on your phone or any other audio player that supports MP3. Podcasting also is a shortened derivative of the words Ipod and broadcasting.

Q: What types of formats does podcasting use?

A: Podcasting uses an XML (Extensive Markup Language)-based technology in the form of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Using enclosures is the key to making podcasting work with RSS feeds. This is a feature supported by RSS2.0.

Q: What exactly is Extensive Markup Language?

A: XML’s primary purpose is to share structured text and information on the internet. You can learn more about XML at Wikipedia

Q: What is RSS feed?

A: RSS feeds subscribers the latest updates that have occurred on the Website.

Q: What should my RSS feed include?

A: Your RSS feed is the published content of your Podcast. The RSS file should include the title, descriptions, and links to the MP3 files.

Q: How can podcasting help me in my business and marketing?

A: Using podcasting allows you to publish radio shows that interested people can subscribe to. By recording a show and adding it to your site, your visitors can download it from your site instead of going to specific sites looking for your show. This will also allow increased interaction of your visitors while they visit your site.

Q: Where can I tape a radio show?

A: The following sites tell you how to tape your own show:

Live365: gives you the tools to start your own radio station to share your talents globally.

Shoutcast: is a freeware streaming audio content site that allows you to internet radio server.

Q: Is there any other type of audio software that I will need to have in order to use the sites mentioned above?

A: Yes, you will need some sort of audio playback software that can read HTTP data streams to be able to listen to MP3 streaming audio. I would also suggest that you have the software that is needed for your visitors to listen to your broadcasts listed (with links) on your site so they can get it easily if they don’t already have it.

Also note that you will need an aggregator if you wish to download other podcasts to listen to. You can find instructions on how to add a podcast Podcast Alley to an aggregator and Podcast Alley for your listening pleasure.

Q: What are some of the most popular MP3 players available?

A: The list below includes some of the most popular MP3 players available that are PC and Mac compatible:

 Winamp (Also know as Windows Media Player) for Windows
 iTunes for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows
 XMMS on UNIX/Linux

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