Podcasts Free For All

 Since the term was coined in late 2004, podcasts have become of the greatest sources of free information, available to anyone with internet and a computer.

Podcasts, one of the coolest innovations, supply an infinite source of information on any topic imaginable. Anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a computer, has the means to put together their own custom-made personal listening program.

Included in the podcast package comes information, inspiration, awe and respect for all the amateur podcasters out there who spent and continue to spend hours each week, putting together enough material for a single podcast.

Podcast History

The first person to come up with the term “podcasting” was British internet technologist, journalist and broadcaster, Ben Hammersley, in February 2004, in an article for The Guardian. The etymology comes from “playable on demand” with casting.

The Pod and The Apple

Apple later took the “pod” part to name its iconic iPod. The rest, as they say, is history. Having said that, podcasts can be accessed without any sort of portable MP3 player: a computer and internet is enough.

Despite several cease-and-desist orders by the Apple corporation in regards to the usage of the term pod+[take your pick], the Apple Trademark Department put out a statement in November 2006: “Apple does not object to the “generic usage ” of “podcast” by third person parties. “

Since then, podcasts have swept into mainstream usage. With all the amateur podcasters putting themselves out there, the professional broadcasters and media outlets have since jumped on the bandwagon, big time, to offer some or all portions of their output as free podcasts. Free. The availability of any podcast, from anywhere, at any time is such a huge resource and has changed the whole media landscape. Whether you archive them or not on your own personal laptop, the option to go back to the respective site, is always there.

Free Access for Anyone, Anywhere

A stream of information from some of the smartest minds in journalism, the arts and sciences, academia, politics, music, sports, technology etc is available for everyone.

In general, podcasts can be found via iTunes or on the respective websites. To date, the easiest and most efficient way to search through the many categories is through iTunes.

Finding Podcasts from Around the World

No matter which country the podcast aficionado lives in, the world is at your finger tips. Buying restrictions apply only to those interested in buying music and movies (you can only buy from the US store if you live in the US for example) This restriction does not apply to podcasts as they are free.

If you happened to be interested in what podcasts are popular in France or in England or Germany, all you have to do is change the country button to whichever country interests you, and you will discover what is popular there. Any podcast can be accessed from any site. But the above tip is helpful if you aren’t familiar with news and entertainment programs in the respective country.

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