How To Create A Podcast

 Podcast production is relatively inexpensive and quite easy. With a blog or website and a few pieces of equipment, anyone can make a podcast.

Briefly, a podcast is an audio or video file that can be downloaded, generally free, onto a personal computer via Apple iTunes or another comparable podcast downloading program. The files can then be listened to or watched on a PC, a smart phone, MP3 player, or burned to a CD. “Podcasting,” then, is the production and publication of those audio and video files.

Everything from personal podcasts, to music, to radio programs, to podcast books are now found in podcast form.

Although podcasts production can be either audio or video, it’s best to walk before trying to run. Here, the focus will be on audio podcast creation. The video podcast, though, isn’t much different.

It doesn’t take a tech-savvy, IT expert to make a podcast and publish it. There are only a few simple things to do:

- Get a computer and a website or blog

- Purchase a microphone and headphones
- Acquire a voice recording program
- Make the recording

- Upload the file to your podcast host

Get a computer and a website or blog. Lets assume the computer is already “got.” If not, get one. Getting a website is as easy as buying a computer. Absent a great deal of computer knowledge, the best bet is finding a good web hosting company. Most provide monthly hosting for as low as $5 or $6 per month. Many also have their own web site creation tools that make publishing a site easy and quick. A couple of reputable hosting companies are GoDaddy and LunarPages, but there are more than anyone can count.

Starting a blog is another way to go. Getting a blog through WordPress or Blogger is simple and free. Just as with the web hosting companies, inexperienced and experienced users alike are walked through the process via usually good instructions. With a little curiosity and willingness, a great blog or website can be created this way.

Purchase a microphone and headphones. The utility of the microphone and headphones haven’t changed since the days of tape recorders (not that long ago). The microphone is needed to turn voice or music or whatever into an electronic file. Headphones, though not a necessity, are useful to clearly play back your recording during editing. A good recording can be made using an inexpensive microphone, so don’t rush out an spend tons of money. They can be found at every retailer selling electronics.

Acquire a voice recording program. Most computers come with pre-installed recording programs. More advanced programs will provide the ability to modify the sound and make it easier to edit. Sophisticated programs are fantastic, but a free downloadable program called Audacity is easy to use and it is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

Make the podcast recording. All the needed equipment is now present. Let the creative juices flow! Audacity, or the chosen recorder, with a bit of familiarization, should be easily navigable. As with any program, the more you use it, the better you’ll get. If using Audacity, the completed podcast will be saved in .aup format. It must be converted to MP3 format for publishing, which Audacity can do while some others cannot.

Upload the file to the web site or blog. Once saved in MP3 format, simply upload it to the web site or blog. The new podcast creation is ready to go live. Using the website creating programs offered by most hosting companies, all that is left is to publish the updated website or blog.

That’s it. After a couple of times through, making a podcast will seem as simple as making a recording with that old cassette player. Go. Create a podcast.

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