How To Choose A Podcast Topic

 Once they have decided to make a podcast, a podcaster must next address another important matter. Now they must decide on the topic for their show.

It obviously makes more sense for a podcaster to select a subject that they enjoy talking about rather than settling on a topic that they hate discussing. With that established, there are now a few things that podcasters must consider in order to help them find the perfect topic for their podcast.

Make Podcasting Enjoyable

Podcasters should first think about topics that they enjoy discussing. Next, they should consider hobbies that they enjoy. Lastly, they should consider any areas in which they might be considered an expert. As they consider each of these questions, the podcaster should make a list of their answers. Any one of the topics on their list just might be suitable for usage as a podcast topic.

Make a Podcast About Your Area

Another possible topic for discussion is right outside a podcaster’s door. If they make a podcast about their town then that means that they will never run out of material. Podcasting about their local area also means that a podcaster will have an easier time attracting an audience.

There are many ways that a podcaster can promote a local podcast. They should start by telling their family, friends, co-workers and any one else that they know about their plans to make a podcast. Ideally these people would be willing to help spread the word. Posting flyers around town is also beneficial. Keep in mind, however, that flyers should only be posted where permitted. It might also be possible for a podcaster with a local show to garner coverage on radio and television stations in their area.

Consider Profitable Podcast Topics

If a podcaster hopes for their show to be profitable, then there are some additional things that they must consider when selecting a topic. In order to make a podcast profitable it shouldn’t center around just any old subject. Any topics that the podcaster may be considering must now be evaluated for profit potential.

This can be done by researching how many affiliate programs are offered within each podcast topic niche. Podcasters should also use the Google Ads Keyword Tool to research profitability. A topic with high advertiser competition and a high cost per click is ideal. Once a podcaster finds a topic with worthwhile affiliate programs and acceptable Adwords statistics, then they will have found a subject worth considering as the potential for profit will certainly be there.

Be Different, be Focused, and be the Best

When selecting a topic for their show it is best if podcasters take the time to investigate the competition. Their odds of drawing in a sizable audience will be much better if there aren’t several other podcasts already covering their chosen topic. If enough thought is given, then finding a podcast topic that isn’t saturated shouldn’t be too difficult.

Podcasters should keep in mind that one of the things that has made podcasts so popular is that they don’t follow the precedent set by most radio stations. Rather than attempting to appeal to every listener, podcasters should focus in on capturing a niche audience.

So, when selecting the topic for their podcast they need to think small. Ultimately, it is best if a podcaster zeroes in on a topic that they enjoy discussing which will also be profitable. From there they can then concentrate on conquering that niche, growing their audience, and becoming an expert in their field.

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