Guide to Creating a Podcast

 While creating a podcast may seem complicated for someone who is not “tech savvy” it really is not because most of the programs you need are either free or come pre-installed on your computer.

If you are using a Mac, I highly recommended “GarageBand” for creating your podcast as it is very simple but it is going to you back some money because you are going to need a USB microphone due to the inputs on your Mac. I personally recommend the MXL USB Studio one Microphone for starters. It is cheaper than most microphones yet still great quality as you can pick it up off some Internet websites for as low as $75.00! Now, if you have decided this is something you are dead serious and have the money to blow on equipment then I say go for a mixer and any XLR microphone from MXL Mics. But, the MXL USB Studio 1 will be just fine.

Once you get your microphone then all you need to do is plug it in, go into preferences then sound to make sure it is your selected sound input or else you will be recording your podcast with a build in microphone which I do NOT recommend.

While built in microphones are good for video chats with your grandma, it just is not going to give you the quality you need to produce a great podcast. Now that you have all your settings in place you need to launch “GarageBand” and select “Podcast”. Once that is loaded, click the record button and you are officially recording a podcast.

When you are finished recording your podcast, go up to the top menu and click share. The next step is to export to disk and then as soon as that is done, find a podcast host. You can find good hosts by searching Google where some are free. You can also send them to iTunes but that is more complicated than I feel it is worth until you know you are dead serious about producing a podcast.

Now, if you are a Windows user I will not be much help to you as far as recording the podcast goes because I am a Mac user and refuse to touch a Windows computer. I do recommend a program called Audacity which is a pretty simple program. If you are using windows, you really do not have to worry about a USB microphone unless you really want one because a basic headset from Wal-Mart will be fine since that option is available for Windows. I would recommend using a Logitech microphone/headset for your recordings.

Good Luck!

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