Simple And Quick Exercise Routines For Busy Days

 Don't give up on exercise due to lack of time. There are many quick exercise routines that can be done throughout the day to increase energy and burn more calories.

Nowadays, people are busier than ever. Whether it is a busy job, family responsibilities, or just too many personal obligations, fitting exercise into the day is not easy and may even seem daunting. Luckily there are ways to squeeze in quick exercise routines into the busiest days.

Burn More Calories with a Pedometer

One of the best ways to fit in quick exercise workouts without even trying is by investing in a pedometer. Experts recommend working up to 10,000 steps per day, which equals approximately five miles. 

Studies show that those who wear pedometers are more likely to move more throughout the day. By squeezing in a few brisk five-minute walks, parking further away, or just pacing the floors instead of sitting while on the phone, these small changes can add up quickly throughout the day.

Boost Metabolism with Strength Training

Another way to squeeze in quick exercise routines is by adding strength training. Strength training is very beneficial because a body that has more muscle will naturally burn more calories at rest. One way to fit strength training into a busy day is by investing in a set of dumbbells and work out for just a few minutes each morning or even in the evening while watching television. 

Strength training does not have to involve heavy weights and long hours in the gym. Jorge Cruise, fitness expert and best-selling author of several weight loss books, including 8 Minutes in the Morning, developed a strength training routine that targets specific parts of the body each day with mini workouts lasting just eight minutes a day.

Turn Every Day Routines into Quick Exercise Sessions

Everyday routines also offer the chance to fit in exercise. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work and even taking multiple trips up and downstairs at home is a great way to increase physical activity. Household chores such as doing laundry will burn more calories by turning it into a mini-workout. 

Just a few clothes at a time and making several trips to put them away instead of all at once. Vacuuming carpets is a great way to get in extra stretching. In fact, briskly tackling just about any household chore offers the opportunity to burn more calories.

Two healthy side effects to increasing exercise are more energy and a tendency to naturally eat better, and increased energy along with a healthy diet also gives a sense of well-being. Of course, before beginning any diet or exercise plan, it is always best to first consult a health care professional.

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