Episode 8 - Mindset Tips to Blog Full-time


What’s up bloggy friends! Famous Ashley Grant here, and today I want to talk a little bit more about quitting your job to become a full-time blogger. We talked a little about Taking the Leap From Hobby to Professional Blogging in a previous episode, but this time I want to talk about the mindset tricks of bloggers who’ve turned their blogs into successful businesses. And p.s. that’s the first and most important mindset shift of being a full-time blogger – treating it like a business.

Okay, so do you want to know what sets the uber-successful apart from the wannabe entrepreneurs?

It’s not money, or brilliant ideas, or even powerful friends.

All of those things (and more) are nice to have, but they’re actually not a requirement of success. What is a must-have, though, is a good attitude. Without the proper mindset, you’ll constantly be battling your own brain, and that’s exhausting.

  • You’ll allow yourself to believe your ideas are no good
  • You’ll keep yourself from hitting publish on that killer blog post you’ve been working on
  • You’ll be too scared to turn your blog posts into a book or course you could get paid big bucks for
  • You’ll remain convinced that you aren’t smart enough
  • You’ll be certain that someone else did it (whatever “it” is) better
  • In the worst cases, you’ll quit before your blog has a chance to take off and become a massive success!

And before you know it, you’ll have talked yourself right out of launching your new program, applying for an affiliate program, or pitching sponsors for paid posts. In no time at all, you’ll be back at your day job, working away on someone else’s business because you don’t have the confidence to create your own from your blog.

But a simple mindset change can make all the difference.

Dress for Success

Ladies, this one is for you. When we work at home, it’s easy to fall into a habit of wearing sweatpants and T-shirts to the office. After all, why dress up just for the dog?

But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to instantly shift your mindset in the right direction, ditch the graphic t-shirts, and break out the nicer outfits. Some bloggy friends of mine even go so far as to put on make-up and do their hair.

Now look, I am a full-time, paid blogger and I wear yoga pants, every day! But, when I want to feel more confident, I add a nicer top and put on my shoes to sit down at my computer. Sometimes that simple act of pretending I’m heading to an office instead of commuting from my bed to my desktop makes all the difference in me feeling like a business owner.

When you do put in a little extra effort with your appearance, you might suddenly find yourself feeling more professional, more confident, and sexier, too. Okay so feeling sexier might not help your business, but it could be helpful for your overall self-love and relationship with your partner.

Never Let Fear Drive Your Decisions

Too many would-be blogger bosses operate with a scarcity mindset rather than approaching business from a place of abundance. Rather than telling yourself that you can’t afford to hire a virtual assistant to help with your Pinterest pins or use a paid WordPress theme for example, try reframing your thoughts.

Rather than thinking, “I can’t afford to buy that website hosting and SSL plan,” ask yourself, “How can I earn the money to invest in this business upgrade?”

Rather than saying, “I have to do everything myself because I can’t afford to hire a VA,” remind yourself that your hourly rate potential is much more than you’d pay a virtual assistant. Then fill those hours you’re saving by outsourcing with money-making tasks of your own.

By reformatting your thoughts, you’ll turn that negative money talk into positive solutions that help you grow. These ideas are of course, only the beginning.

But here’s one thing I will tell you my bloggy friends – you are smart enough. Your blog is awesome enough. You have wonderful post ideas. Once you get your mindset right, nothing can stop you! Start treating your blog like a business, and before you know it you’ll be making enough to quit your day job and create your dream life. Until next time, may your page views be high, and your bounce rate be low!

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